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Debbie Sainz 
Senior Community Association Manager

Charlotte Adams
Community Association Manager

Phone: (813) 926-6404
Fax: (813) 926-1821
10049 Parley Drive
Tampa, FL 33626


Kelly Shires

Program & Facilities Manager (PFM)

Phone: (813) 855-0662
10405 Countryway Blvd
Tampa, FL 33626


West Park Village

West Park Village is a compilation of eight different Neighborhoods to create this Neighborhood within Weschase.  The eight Neighborhoods that comprise West Park Village are:  The Village Green, Villas of West Park Village, Classic Townhomes of WPV, Single Family Homes of WPV, Townhomes of WPV, Traditional Townhomes of WPV, Arlington Park and Worthington Townhomes.  In West Park Village, the neo-traditional, urban style of living is evident in the different types of homes, the expansive front porches, village green spaces with gazebos and swings, alley entry and street parking style.  Interspersed amont the different style of homes you'll find the Westchase Town Center which rounds out the urban lifestyle.  Jaunt to the Village Market, a restaurant, a coffee shop or drop off your dry cleaning ... it's all on your doorstop.  Also within close proximity is the Bell Tower, fountains, village greens, dog green, splash park, outdoor stage plus the West Park Village Swim & Tennis Center and Baybridge Park.  There aren't many places like it in Tampa, it's a unique and close knit community.  Below you will find the current Voting and Alternate Voting Members for this Neighborhood including their contact information: 



Voting Member No Member No Member  
Voting Member No Member No Member  
Voting Member Mary Griffin 926-3119
Alternate Dyan Pithers 601-2926
 TOWNHOMES of WPV       
Voting Member Mary McQuinn  
Alternate Debbie Dawson 792-5028
Voting Member Karen Nelson 926-5343
Alternate Nicole Gitney    792-6524
Voting Member Bobbi Pitcher 926-8808
Alternate Michael Turnbull 926-2255
Alternate Ahad Diba 727-8090
Alternate Marion Thompson 813-926-2509
Voting Member Carl G. Longnecker, Jr. 813 731-8619
Alternate Jay Jenkins

813 240-6217
Voting Member Lisa Godfrey 926-7737


Voting Members are elected annually by the Neighborhood Residents at the Neighborhood Annual Meeting which is typically held in December/January of each year.  If you are interested in getting involved as a Voting or Alternate Voting Member, please contact the Westchase Community Association and ask to be included in the next election.  Westchase is always looking for more dedicated, civic-minded volunteers!

Several Neighorhoods in Westchase have sub-Associations that govern them as well as being governed by the Westchase Community Association.  Classic Townhomes of WPV, Townhomes of WPV, Traditional Townhomes of WPV and Villas of WPV all have their own Homeowners Associations which are considered a sub-association.  The residents of those neighborhoods pay Westchase Homeowner's Association dues plus monthly maintenance.  Those sub-Associations also have a Neighborhood Property Manager, the Property Manager information is:

Property manager information for Classic Townhomes, Townhomes, Traditional Townhomes of WPV and Villas of West Park Village is as follows:

Greenacre Properties, Inc.
Denise Schek
4131 Gunn Highway
Tampa, FL
813-600-1100, ext. 117

Please visit the following websites to learn more about the Classic Townhomes of WPV and the Villas of WPV.

Property manager information for Arlington Park Condominiums is as follows:

First Service Residential
Connie Martin-Community Association Manager
2870 Scherer Dr
St. Pete, FL 33716
727-299-9555 x6255 Email:

Property manager information for Worthington Townhomes is as follows:

Sentry Management
Cindy Alexopoulos
25400 US 19 North #164
Clearwater, FL 33763
727-799-8982 ext 341