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 Debbie Sainz  

Senior Community Association Manager

Charlotte Adams
Community Association Manager


Phone: (813) 926-6404
Fax: (813) 926-1821
10049 Parley Drive
Tampa, FL 33626



Program Release Forms

Tennis Program 

(1.) Adult Tennis Program Waiver

/images/uploads/Tennis Event Waiver - Adult(1).pdf


(2.) Jr. Tennis Program Waiver

/images/uploads/Tennis Program Waiver - Minor Child(1).pdf


(3.) Tennis Social Event Program Waiver

/images/uploads/Tennis Event Waiver - Adult(2).pdf


(4.) Tennis Ball Machine Rental Adult Waiver

/images/uploads/Tennis Ball Machine Waiver - Adult(1).pdf


(5.) Tennis Ball Machine Rental Minor Waiver

/images/uploads/Tennis Ball Machine Waiver - Minor Child(1).pdf


Swim Program



(1.) Swim Team MInor Program Waiver

/images/uploads/Swim Program Waiver - Minor Child(1).pdf


(2.) Adult Tri-Swim & Early Swim Program Waiver

/images/uploads/Swim Program Waiver - Adult(1).pdf