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Program Descriptions

Aquatic Programing

TBAY Competitive Swim Team - TBAY-Westchase is designed to meet the individual needs of the area's competitive swimmers of ages 5 through high school. The Swim Coach will determine which program your child is best suited based on a swim test performed. In addition to individualized and group training, the Westchase branch offers challenges, competitive opportunities, healthy lifestyle and encouragement for every swimmer in the program from novice to the elite age group competitor. The program provides a strong base for each athlete to develop strength, character and the necessary skills to perform to their maximum potential, while still maintaining a positive, fun and challenging atmosphere. The Westchase branch is a fully sanctioned US Swimming program. The program offers a year-round commitment which includes advanced skill development and participation in the Tampa Summer Swim League and Florida Swimming certified meets. The success of this program is a direct result of a philosophy which provides for the careful development of the novice and age group swimmer. The branch maintains a small ratio of swimmers to coach to ensure the highest quality training and development of each individual swimmer. Those swimmers who compete at more advance levels of training and competition will be in an atmosphere that will allow them to reach their maximum potential. The Westchase program is designed to provide a challenging and fun environment in a quality competitive setting.


TBAY JR - Little Flippers

Ages:  5-9 years old
Practice Days & Times: Monday-Thursday 3:00-3:45pm

Basic Requirements: Swimmers in this group must be able to swim at least 25 yards of each of the four competitive strokes (freestyle with side breathing, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly). Meet Participation:  Meets are not mandatory, but highly recommended. The TBAY JR group is the most basic group at TBAY Westchase.  Swimmers must be able to swim at least 25 yards of each stroke.  This group is meant to teach drills and skills that will help to set a foundation for their future as a swimmer. TBAY JR practices will be mainly instruction based and move at the pace of the overall group.  The goal is to help build swimmers confidence about their strokes with the hopes of eventually participating in swim meets. Once swimmers have mastered the necessary skills and are able to handle a higher paced practice they will be considered for move up into the Age Group.


1. Age Group

Ages: 6-10 years old

Practice Days & Times: Monday-Friday 3:00-4:00pm

Basic Requirements: Swimmers at this level must be able to swim at least 50 yards of each stroke and should be able to handle large group instructions.  Swimmers must attend at least 4 practices per week. Meet Participation: Meets are not required at this level, however at 2 meets per season are highly recommended.  As swimmers are ready for a more competitive push and more extensive training, they will be eligible to advance to the Bronze Group and into the competitive track of the team.  is designed for elementary school swimmers who are looking to improve their overall technique and skill level. Swimmers in this group have a very strong understand of the drills and skills necessary to legally participate in swim meets. Practices will consist of mainly technical work while introducing basic “training aspects” such as reading the clock and understanding mini-sets.  Practice and meet requirements are not as strict in this group as many swimmers at this level swim to learn and to have fun!

2. Bronze Group
Age: 7-10 years old
Practice Days & Times: Monday-Friday 4:00-5:30pm; Saturday 10:00-11:30am

Basic Requirements: Swimmers must demonstrate superior technique in all four strokes for participation at this level.  Performance standards are also considered in this group and swimmers are looking to attain "BB" and "A" level times based on the USA Motivational Time Standards. Meet Participation: Swimmers in this group must attend at least one meet per month. The Bronze Group is designed for TBAY Westchase’s most advanced elementary school swimmers.  This group is focused on increasing technical abilities and working toward understand racing strategies to improve meet performance.  Swimmers in this group have goals to become competitive long term swimmers who can handle a workout that will challenge them technically and physically while still having fun. The Bronze Group is the introduction to the competitive swimming track. Swimmers must come to practice each day with the desire to improve and understand that in order to find success they must follow instruction and participate in the entire workout.  Swimmers who are unable to complete workouts or who don’t show enough focus will be removed from the group. Swimmers who demonstrate these qualities and who show consistent improvement and interest in swimming will be considered for the Silver Group.  Middle school athletes are not permitted in the Bronze Group.

3. Silver Group
Ages: 10-14 years old
Practice Days & Times: Monday-Friday 6:00-7:45pm; Saturday 10:00am-Noon.

Basic Requirements: Swimmers in this group have a sophisticated understanding of technique and also understand that consistent training is important to find success at this level.  Swimmers should have the skill level, performance standards and endurance to participate in this group. Meet Participation: Swimmers in this group must attend at least one meet per month. The Silver Group is designed for middle school and advanced elementary school swimmers.  The group will encompass ongoing stroke technique work while integrating an advanced training schedule.  Swimmers in this group may have different goals based on their overall view of the sport; some swimmers will have goals of achieving performance time standards and others will still find success at the fitness and social level. Regardless of their goals, swimmers have the desire to attend practice and to better themselves in swimming.  Swimmers who do not demonstrate an independent drive to be successful with be removed from the group and will reevaluate their goals with the coaching staff. Silver Group swimmers will either advance into the Gold Group for further training and development or move into the Senior Group once they are at the high school level.

4. Gold Group
Ages: 10-14 years old
Practice Days & Times: Monday-Friday 5:15-7:30pm; Saturday 7:30-10:00am

Basic Requirements: Swimmers in this group are seeking "A" times or State Level Age Group performance standards and understand the dedication and commitment that comes with these goals. Meet Participation: Swimmers must attend at least one meet per month and should attend the Championship Meet each season. The Gold Group is designed for TBAY Westchase’s most elite middle school athletes.  Swimmers in this group have made a full commitment to the sport and understand that in order to become successful they must balance their training, their academic responsibilities and their family life. These athletes always demonstrate Championship behavior in and out of the pool while setting examples for younger athletes on the team. Gold Group swimmers must adhere to strict practice and meet participation guidelines.  Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in removal from the group.  While the group will have social aspects, swimmers in this group understand that in order to find success them must dedicate themselves to the training schedule with the hopes of achieving performance time standards and representing the team on a state level. Swimmers in this group are working toward advancing to the National Development Group.

5. National Development Group

Ages: 13-18 years old
Practice Days & Times: Monday-Friday 4:00-6:15pm; Monday & Wednesday 5:00-6:00am; Saturday, 7:00-10:00am

Basic Requirements: Swimmers in this group are looking at achieve state and national level time standards with long term goals for collegiate scholarship swimming. Meets Participation: Swimmers are on an individualized plan created with the coach. The National Development Group is the most elite level in the TBAY Westchase program and is for swimmers who are 100% committed to the sport.  Swimmers in this group follow a strict practice and meet schedule and work with the coach to create a season plan that will aid the swimmers in executing their goals. In this subgroup, goals include achieving state and national level time standards and continuously making forward progress in technique and performance with aspirations for collegiate swimming.  Athletes understand that in order to be successful at this level they will need to perform inside and outside of the pool with the highest level of responsibility, hard work, leadership and respect and truly demonstrate Championship behavior.

Private Swim Lessons

Westchase offers swim lessons to children age 18 months to 18 years old. Lessons are geared toward introducing young swimmers to water safety and safe play as well as teaching introductory breathing techniques and basic swimming skills and strokes. Each private lesson is taught for 20 minutes of 8 lessons for two consecutive weeks, Monday through Thursday. Friday is scheduled for rain dates.  Select weekend class are also available. Swim fees are nonrefundable and must be paid during registration.

Adult Early Bird Swim

We offer early swim from 5am to 7am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for those interested in getting a swim in before work. This option is provided to residents and non-residents at a monthly cost.


Tri-Swim is a program for those interested in training for triathlons or just wanting to get in shape through swimming. The program meets for a one-hour period two days a week. (This program is a requirement for the swim coach’s salary. The coach does not get a commission on this program income).

Summer TBAY Boot Camp

During the summer months the swim coach offers a 10 week intense training program to enhance the swimmers conditioning. The program utilizes training methods and swimming to improve overall performance. This program operates during the morning hours beginning at 7AM through 1PM weekdays.

Jr. Tennis

1. Entry Level - Red Ball - 5yrs to 8yrs old

This class is designed to introduce children to tennis. Students will be shown in a fun and interactive way; racquet skills, athletic skills, social skills, and cooperative skills to develop them as a student- athlete.

2. Intermediate - Orange Ball – 8 to 12yrs old / Advanced Yellow Ball – 10 to 18 years old

Program directed toward players who are looking to develop and improve technique, athleticism and character. Players can be moved up by skill level and commitment. The number one reason to have efficient strokes is the prevention of injury and the number two reason is to enjoy a lifetime sport for a lifetime

3. Advanced Competitive Tournament Play – 8yrs old to Adult

Players are preparing for tournaments by fine-tuning their technique, mental toughness, strategy and fitness. Sessions will involve movement and match simulated drills. It will require more to simply get better.


Private & Group Lessons – Lessons are by appointment only with individual tennis pros.

Adult Tennis Clinics - Recreational levels of play organized to cover court strategies for singles and doubles play.

Adult USTA Team Clinics - Program is designed to improve the skills for competitive tournament play. USTA clinics are coordinated between team captains and coach seasonally.

Social Events - Supervised by our tennis professionals to include doubles play, music, and snacks.

Tennis Court Hours - 8am to 9pm


Summer Activity Camp 8am to 6pm ( early sign-in 7:30am) 

Includes swimming, volleyball, arts, crafts, sports, games, movies and Wednesday field trips.


Summer Tennis Camp 8am to 1pm

Sport specific tennis instruction

May  - August ( 10 weeks )