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 Debbie Sainz  

Senior Community Association Manager

Charlotte Adams
Community Association Manager


Phone: (813) 926-6404
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Pool Rules

Westchase Community Association, Inc. Pool Rules

Westchase Countryway Pool - Open year round 7 days a week

Westchase Village Pool - Open year and round limited winter hours

Please note that Lap Lanes are for Lap Swimming as needed

Pool Hours:

Countryway 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Village: Sat Sun 10am - 5pm Winter hours

Slide: 11am to 5pm

Slide Use: height requirement of 48" and the abiity to swim 


The Westchase pools are available for use by the residents of Westchase. Guests of residents are permitted as long as they are accompanied by a resident and register with the attendant.

The Board of Directors has established a limit of four (4) guests per household.



1. Residents must be registered with the office to use the facilities.

2. Diving is not permitted.

3. The pool will close for 30 minutes for thunder or lightning.

4. Alcoholic beverages, glass containers and gum are strictly prohibited inside the pool area fence.  Food and non-alcoholic drinks in cans or plastic containers are acceptable only if kept under the overhang area and not brought to the water area.

5. Pets are not permitted in the pool area.

6. The main pool capacity is 91 people.

7. The children’s pool capacity is 15 people.

8. Running, rough housing, and throwing of sport balls are not permitted on the pool deck or in the pool. .

9. Music must be kept to a minimum volume so as not to be a disturbance or annoyance to others using the facility. Music with explicit language shall not be permitted.

10. Loud and/or abusive language is not permitted.

11. Floats or inflatable rafts are not permitted.

12. A responsible adult (18 and over) must accompany and supervise children under the age of 15.

13. The Children’s pool is restricted to non-swimmers under the age of six (6). Strict supervision of the children by the responsible party is required.

14. Swim diapers must be covered with swim diaper panties and worn at all times.

15. Cut-offs (clothing cut to be shorts) are not permitted in the pool. Swimming suits only. This is a family-oriented facility. All swimming suits must cover breasts, genitalia and buttocks sufficiently to conceal the same from public view.  Thong swimming suits or “g-strings” are not permitted. Swimming suits that are not thong or g-string may not be worn in such a manner that makes them appear to be a thong or g-string swimming suit.

16. Any person swimming after the facility is closed may be suspended from the facility for the remainder of the year and is subject to trespassing charges.

17. Residents are responsible for their children and guests who use the facilities.

18. Smoking or the use of tobacco products is not permitted inside the pool fence.

19. Any person(s) not following the pool rules may be expelled from the premises and access suspended for up to six (6) months.

20. No person other than WCA staff shall use the pool or any portion of the pool area and its facilities, including the activity room, for compensation of any lessons provided, nor solicit or give the appearance of providing lessons.

21. If for any reason the lifeguard or staff on duty determines in their sole judgment that a person in or at the pool is at risk of physical or mental harm, creating a risk of physical or mental harm to oneself or others, or otherwise engaging in inappropriate behavior, that person shall be expelled from the premises and access to facilities suspended for up to six (6) months.

REVISED 06-14-2012



Westchase WCA - Countryway and Village Pools

Mandatory - Must use Reusable Swimsuit Diapers

Please ensure that your child wears a reusable swim diaper if not potty trained.

Throw away one time use swim diapers are not allowed. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that the child visits the restroom before entering pool or as needed during your pool visit. Violation of our swim diaper policy may result in loss of your pool privileges.The use of disposable swim diapers and swim pants may give many parents and pool staff a false sense of security regarding fecal contamination. Parents should not allow their children to enter the water when they are ill with diarrhea, even if they are wearing swim diapers or swim pants. They risk contaminating the pool and making other children sick.

Reusable Swim diapers and swim pants are not a substitute for frequent diaper changing. It is recommended that parents change their children often and make frequent trips to the toilet while swimming.

Parents with small children should understand the importance of NOT swimming when ill with diarrhea.

Plan regular and frequent (approximately every 30 to 60 minutes) diaper changing or trips to the toilet. This will reduce the chance of fecal contamination and can also reduce the amount of urine in the pool that binds with disinfectant and creates irritants in the air.

Note* taking responsibility of your child’s bathroom needs will decrease the inconvenience to the other residents, aquatic staff, and your liability of creating an unsafe swimming environment for all.