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Westchase TBAY Kelley Allen


In Memory of Coach Kelley Allen

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In addition to working as Director of Aquatics for the Westchase association, Allen was swim coach to the swim team that practices at Westchase, TBAY at Westchase, as well as instructor for the Little Flippers swim program. He provided a regular column to World of Westchase regarding the activities of Westchase’s growing swim programs. Allen was highly regarded by parents, students and his fellow coaches, who selected Allen for Florida Swimming Age Group Coach of the Year in 2010. Scores of his swimmers gathered at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center to recall and honor their coach, Kelley is remembered with his encouragement and modeling proper stroke techniques while standing atop a lifeguard chair beside the pool. It is hard to imagine the Westchase pools without Kelley’s presence.


Coach Allen’s Mom Says Thanks

Thank you to all the parents and swimmers for your prayers, cards and generosity. I enjoyed all the Kelley stories you shared. Kelley also gave me "free advice," such as when I told him the Orlando Y had ordered new blocks. He asked, "How old are you, Mom?" When I responded, 72," he said, "I would advise against changing your start on those new blocks." Now I'll have to do it just to show him. I think he forgot who taught him how to swim. Kelley's dad and I were both lifeguards and swimming instructors, so his love of the water started when he was a toddler. 

Jean Allen, Coach Kelley's Mom Forever