Stork Club

On behalf of the Westchase Stork Club, we are happy to be a part of the celebration of your new arrival. It is a pleasure to have Mr. Stork greet Mom and the new baby when they arrive home from the hospital.

Here’s how to get full appreciation from the Stork Club:

As soon as your baby arrives, please call a Stork Club Representative. This gives us time to have the stork waiting when your new baby arrives home. If you get an answering machine, please leave the address and sex of the baby in your message. If you have not received your stork or heard back from your representative, please call the Stork Club chair.

Depending on supply and demand, the stork could visit for one day or several.

To announce the arrival of your new baby in the World of Westchase, please fill out the birth announcement form you receive when your stork is delivered. You may mail it to WOW, place it in one of the WOW drop boxes or fax it to WOW at 813-920-9809.

If you need to remove the stork before a Stork Club member can pick it up, please place it outside on the side of your home rather than inside the garage.

Stork Carrying baby
Stork Club Contact Numbers
Nancy Gerovac,
Patty Kwiatkowski813-749-6662Jaws1224@yahoo.comBennington, Glencliff, Glenfield, The Estates, Harbor Links, Saville Row, Woodbay and Wycliff
Leslie McCluski813-857-7822LeslieMccluskie@gmail.comBerkeley Square, The Enclave, Keswick Forest, Radcliffe and The Shires
Julia Bye813-300-6017juliabye@kw.comThe Vineyards and Non-gated West Park Village
Nancy Marciano813-475-6604Mrsmarc05@aim.comAbbotsford, Castleford, Chelmsford, The Greens and Gated West Park Village
Beth Cuparibethcupari@gmail.comBrentford, The Bridges, Kingsford and Stamford