The Shires

The Shires is one of Westchase’s 29 neighborhoods and is located North of Linebaugh on Countryway Boulevard just before the professional park and the Upper Tampa Bay Regional Library. The Shires include 3 villages called Derbyshire, Cheshire and Ayrshire. The streets in this neighborhood include: Oaksbury Drive, Ayrshire Drive, Derbyshire Drive, Lancashire Drive and Easthampton Drive. Mature trees, landscaping and ponds make their hallmark here in this neighborhood. Below you will find the current Voting and Alternate Voting Members for this Neighborhood including their contact information:

Voting MemberBarry
Alt VMDaniel
Voting Members are elected biennially by the Neighborhood Residents at the Neighborhood Meeting which is typically held in December/February of every other year. If you are interested in getting involved as a Voting or Alternate Voting Member, please contact the Westchase Community Association and ask to be included in the next election. Westchase is always looking for more dedicated, civic-minded volunteers!
Map of The Shires Westchase