We are always looking for dedicated Resident Volunteers!

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the WCA Management Office 813-926-6404 or email the association manager, Debbie Sainz, at manager@westchasewca.com. Please include a brief bio on yourself including the reason you wish to volunteer on that particular committee. This info will be provided to the Voting members (for Variance Committee appointments) or to the Board of Directors (for Covenant Committee and Modifications Committee appointments). A bio is not required but is helpful to allow the Members to get to know a little about you and how you want to contribute to Westchase.

At this time, there are currently no vacant positions on any of the Committees. Please continue to check this page or inquire with the management office from time to time for updates on vacancies.

Welcome Committee:

There are also several neighborhoods that need Welcome Committee volunteers. Trish McKay is the lead Welcome chairperson. For those neighborhoods needing representation, please refer to the back few pages of the WOW magazine titled “Welcome Committee: Westchase Village Volunteers” to see if your neighborhood can use your help and then reach out to Trish.

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