Aquatic Fitness Program

Westchase resident, Linda Senkowicz, is happy to announce a continuation of her aquatics program. The next class session will be for a three month period beginning Aug 7th through November 4th, 2023. She has also increased the number of days the program will be operating to Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9AM-10AM each day.  Her classes will be a 45 minute-1 hour instructor led course. The classes will focus on maintaining mobility, building strength and promoting flexibility. The instructor will provide needed equipment to perform shallow water exercises. No swimming skills are required for this activity. Classes will be held at the West Park Village pool in the shallow end of the pool. 

Westchase HOA Resident – Single Class – $5
Non-Resident – Single Class – $7
Westchase HOA Resident – 4 pack – $18
Non-Resident – 4 pack – $25
Westchase HOA Resident – 8 pack – $35
Non-Resident – 8 pack – $49

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Saturday  9am-10am    

Location: West Park Village Pool @ 10053 Parley Drive               

Aug 7, 2023 – Nov  4, 2023

Questions: Call or text Linda                              813-523-3269 (cell)





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