Please contact us if there are other questions you would find helpful to be included in this list.

When I first move in, how do I access the Swim & Tennis Centers?
Bring your Settlement/Closing Statement or a current lease agreement with your name and the new Westchase address to the associations management office located at 10049 Parley Drive along with a copy of your current driver’s license with your Westchase address. This will confirm your new Resident status. Pool and tennis court access is allowed by presenting a valid photo identification, such as a drivers license. Inform staff if you are an owner, child of an owner, or a renter so staff can confirm access.
I live in a gated neighborhood, how do I get a bar code or clicker?
Bring your Settlement/Closing Statement or a Utility Bill with your name and the new Westchase address to the Westchase CDD office located behind the Westchase Elementary School on Linebaugh Avenue along with a copy of a photo ID. This will confirm your new Resident status for the CDD employees. See Sonny or Doug with your paperwork to purchase a barcode or gate clicker.
Does my community have an Architectural Review Committee?
Yes, but in Westchase the committee is called the Modification Committee. The Association’s Governing Documents state that you are required to receive approval in advance of making any exterior modification to your lot. Please see the Modification Committee page for details about the process.
What improvements to my home require a modification request?
Any exterior modification, including, but not limited to: painting; room, pool, or lanai additions; landscaping changes (removal, replacement or addition); pavers; satellite dish and antennae requires a modification request. For more information, review the Modification Committee page. In addition, in some sub-associations, you may be required to submit a modification application to your sub-association board. Contact them for more information.
How do I get a modification request?

You may download the request form from the Forms page or you may contact the Community Association Manager and have one emailed to you.

Please refer to the Residential Guidelines for mailbox requirements for individual neighborhoods. Plantings at the base of your mailbox should be trimmed so they do not cover the address numbers, flag nor be a nuisance to the postal worker.
Can I have a flag?
Yes, but you will need to submit a Modification Request in advance of your installation. For all neighborhoods, banners & flags may only be displayed on a single pole attached to the front facade of the home. Mini flags on wire poles that are placed into the ground are permitted – one per property.
Can I install a satellite dish?
Yes, but you will need to submit a Modification Request in advance of your installation. Be sure to include your lot survey and a location of the proposed dish installation.
What do my association fees cover?

Association management fees, office and administration and management and maintenance of the two swim and tennis centers and their grounds. A copy of the annual budget will be provided upon request.

About pets and Animals
According to our CCRs, Article XII, Section 4, “No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept except that dogs, cats and other usual and common household pets, not to exceed four, may be permitted in a unit.”

Your pets should not roam free, and dogs must be on a leash held by a responsible person while outside. When walking your pet outside, you should be a responsible pet owner and pick up any animal waste that your pet deposits. Animal waste not only pollutes our lakes and ponds, it also creates a health risk for children playing on common areas.

There is no weight limit or breed restriction for pets in Westchase, however, some sub-associations may have stricter requirements. You will need to contact the sub-association management regarding additional restrictions.

Do my dues include membership to the Westchase Golf Club?

The Westchase Golf Club is a public golf course privately owned which winds in and around some of the Westchase neighborhoods. There are no special provisions at the club for Westchase residents and your Westchase Community Association dues do not contribute to the Westchase Golf Club. The Westchase Recreation Center is a county center. Please refer to this link.

Can I have a Birthday party at the Swim & Tennis Center Pools?

The Westchase pools are available for use by the residents of Westchase. Guests of residents are permitted as long as they are accompanied by a resident and register with the attendant. The Board of Directors has established a limit of four (4) guests per household.  Groups of larger than four (4) can be accommodated at Westchase Parks. You must notify the Pool Office if you plan on having a birthday party at the pool. Tables and chairs cannot be reserved as they are all first come first serve.

How can I reserve a pavilion at Baybridge or Glencliff Park for a Party?

The pavilions are strictly by reservation only, all pavilions feature, water and electricity and both parks have public restrooms and shaded playgrounds.  These parks are district owned parks to inquire about availability please contact the Westchase CDD office at 813-920-4268 or email  cdd@westchasecdd.com or if you would like more information please go to their website at  https://westchasecdd.com/

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