Swim & Tennis Committee

In addition to any other committee that may be appointed by the Board of Directors, there may be a Swim & Tennis Committee, which shall consist of not less than five (5) or more than nine (9) members, each of whom shall be a Member of the Association.  The committee shall evaluate the use of the community’s pools and tennis and recreational facilities and advise the Board of Directors on issues relating to these facilities.

The following Committee Members were appointed by the Board of Directors for terms expiring Dec 2025:

Terry Boyd (neutral) 12213 Glencliff Cir tboyd@westchasewca.com
Jack Maurer (neutral) 10613 Tavistock jmaurer@westchasewca.com
Renee Wargo (neutral) 10428 Greenmont reneewargo@gmail.com 
Greg James (swim) 10232 Millport imaflafan2@yahoo.com
Pam Wilcox (swim) 9817 Bayboro pamwilcox@verizon.net 
Dan Haigy-Chair (tennis) 9110 Woodbay dan3.1415@yahoo.com
Sean Lynch (tennis) 11814 Easthampton slynch9@gmail.com


March 2024 S&T Committee Meeting Minutes