Tennis Court Reservations

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Tennis Court Reservation Policies:

5.4 Reservation of Court Time by Residents:

5.4.1 All Residents must make reservations for court time using the on line reservation system (currently

5.4.2 Reservations are on a first come first serve basis for a maximum of two-hour intervals for non-league play.

5.4.3 A player or group of players may not reserve two (2) consecutive court times. An individual may play two (2) consecutive court times, as long as it is with a different player or group of players.

5.4.4 Reservations can be made by Residents only up to three (3) days in advance.

5.4.5 Reservations may only be made by Residents who are 18 years of age or older and who are authorized to use the Facilities.

5.4.6 If there are non-resident guests using the courts, the resident making the reservation must be on the court the entire time.

5.4.7 After a reservation time has expired, players may continue using the court until the next person arrives for their reserved court time. Players may also move to an unoccupied court after their reserved court time has elapsed.

5.4.8 A Resident has until 15 minutes past the start of the court reservation time to begin play, or the court may be assigned to another Resident for the balance of the reservation time. This rule does not apply to the WCA Tennis Director, any WCA Tennis Instructor or the WCA Programs and Facilities Manager.

5.4.9 Players must surrender the court within five (5) minutes of when their time is called by waiting players, whether or not the pending game is completed.

5.5 Cancellation of Court Times:

Residents must cancel reservations for court times prior to the reserved time. If a Resident reserves a court time and fails to appear or cancel the reservation, the Resident will be placed on the no-show list. If the Resident’s name appears on the no-show list three (3) times in any one year period, the Resident may be prohibited from making future reservations of court time and the Resident’s tennis privileges may be suspended in accordance with the Declaration and Bylaws.