The Fords

The Fords include 6 villages which are located North of Linebaugh Avenue on both the East and West side of Gretna Green Drive between the Bridges and Radcliffe in the heart of Westchase. Those villages are: Abbotsford, Brentford, Castleford, Chelmsford, Kingsford and Stamford. The homes in the Fords are single family homes. The streets in this neighborhood include: Kingsbridge Avenue, Weybridge Drive, Downey Lane, Gretna Green Drive, Brentford Drive, Brownsford Drive, Chelmsford Way, Snowden Place, Tavistock Drive, Abbotsford Drive, Millport Drive, Castleford Way, Newington Place and Rochester Way. Below you will find the current Voting and Alternate Voting Members for this Neighborhood including their contact information:

Voting MemberChris
Alt VMAlan
Alt VMRalph
Voting MemberMichaelo Oostenbrink 407-461-5702
Alt VMMarty
Voting MemberMary
Alt VMJennifer
Voting MemberJoanne
Alt VMCharles
Voting MemberForrest
Voting MemberJamie
Alt VMGinger
Voting Members are elected biennially by the Neighborhood Residents at the Neighborhood Meeting which is typically held in December/February of every other year. If you are interested in getting involved as a Voting or Alternate Voting Member, please contact the Westchase Community Association and ask to be included in the next election. Westchase is always looking for more dedicated, civic-minded volunteers!
Map of The Fords Westchase
the fords entrance