RFP (Request For Proposal) Committee

The role of the RFP Committee is to: (a). develop a request for proposal or bid package which shall described the scope of work or list of desired services and submit the request for proposal or bid package to property management companies; (b). gather responses from property management companies; (c.) develop criteria for evaluating responses; and (d). evaluate responses and identify 3 to 5 candidates, including Greenacre Properties, Inc. as the incumbent, which candidates shall be presented to the Board for its consideration along with all recommendations, responses, background information and other documents or criteria used to evaluate the candidates.

The RFP Committee shall consist of the following seven (7) members of the Association who shall all be in good standing (current in all financial obligations to the Association):
(1) John Mogge, Chair
(2) Russ Crooks
(3) Rick Goldstein
(4) Eric Holt
(5) Michiel Oostenbrink
(6) Teresa Lanzar
(7) Dyan Pithers


RFP Minutes June 19, 2023

RFP Minutes July 10, 2023

RFP Minutes July 24, 2023

RFP Minutes Aug 7, 2023

RFP Minutes Aug 21, 2023

RFP Minutes Sept 11, 2023

RFP Minutes Sept 18, 2023


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